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OTTOTTO was created in 2015 by Teresa Otto (1983-2021), an architect, builder and artist that had previously co founded LIKEarchitects. She had studied architecture in Porto (Portugal) and Rome (Italy), and worked in Olot (Spain) with the fantastic RCR arquitectes (PRITZKER 2017).

In 2014 and 2018, Teresa represented her country, Portugal, in the Venice Biennale, among other promising architects.

She has been invited to install her works in Portugal, Czech Republic, England, the Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, United Arab Emirates and United States, both in light and architecture festivals and in permanent venues.

Teresa loved bringing off-the-shelf elements to art and construction, surprising with uses they never had before.

That's the inspiration that we at OTTOTTO take to each new project!

Instagram: ottotto_arte

M: +351 96 883 7351

Porto, Portugal


Based in Porto, Portugal, OTTOTTO is an art structures studio that combines  a builders and an artists approach. Projects range from prototype-houses to offices, exhibitions and installations .

Always custom made, like haute-couture, but with everyday materials.

This practice looks at temporary projects as a way of rapidly influencing the urban environment (even if just for a little while) and testing new solutions and constructive details.

OTTOTTO is also made by:

Manuel, structural engineer,

José, Rui and Hélder, prototypes and assembly,

Nuno, lighting systems,

António and Ângelo, metal working,

Patrícia, decorator,

Pedro A.: international projects,

Pedro T.:, Eva and Renata, architects.

Past collaborators: Thibaud Stelmaszyk and Ane Elizegi, architects

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