Photo appartement finished


We are in the process of renovating a new apartment in Porto.

November 2016

Lunch with that freelancers that works in Midoro-so. This co-work office is at Meguro, tokyo, in an "empty house".

December 2016

Thank you to Microcrete for organizing a microcement workshop in Espinho!

March 2017

Congratulations to RCR for winning the 2017 Pritzker Prize and to all of my ex-collegues whose hard work allowed this to happen!

January 2017

The Terry O'Neill pavilion appears on Archdaily Brazil.

Come to Serralves this summer to see our new pavilion in context of the "Live Uncertainty" exhibition.

April 2017

We will soon be setting up our new installation at the Pilsen landscape festival in the Czech Republic!

Our Voyeur apartment has been published on Homify.

June 2017

Come to Serralves to see our latest pavilion part of the 2017 São Paulo Art Biennial lasting from July to September!

May 2017

The Terry O'Neill Pavillion has been published in the Chinese design magazine ID+C.

OTTOTTO awarded an honorable mention with luminous provocation for Rua de Santa Catarina, Porto, Portugal


"Lost in Translation" was our answer to the public art competition aimed at increasing the visibility of the Via Catarina mall, that remains almost invisible in Porto's biggest shopping street, Rua de Santa Catarina.


Raising our heads around the world, we noticed something in common on the facades of the main shopping streets of Tokyo, London and Mumbai: luminous billboards! And Rua de Santa Catarina seems so "faint" next to them ...


Reflecting on how the context changes the effect, we thought that excessively repeating these objects, designed to increase the stores' visibility, could be something strangely new and paradoxically unexpected. Is it art?


We will never have an answer ... but the jury awarded us the first and only honorable mention of this competition, on its fourth edition.

Our installation for the Plzeň festival is ready.

July 2017

Everything is prepared and the food is great at "ao ar livre", in front of Teatro Maria Matos, Lisbon.

March 2015

The prototype for the Moov project is built.

Patricia just finished some new furniture for the COLIN+CHLOE apartment.

April 2015

May 2015

August 2015

We all traveled to met each other and celebrate 20 years of RCR architects  and spent a few fantastic days of intense work, visits, conferences, and partying!

We are invited at RCR Bunka event.

September 2015

The COLIN+CHLOE apartment is finished.

January 2016

October 2015

Barcelos house projection.

The construction starts in Barcelos​.

March 2016

We will be renovating an apartment from modernist architect Viana de Lima, in Porto, Our Voyeur apartment.

First day of mounting the Terry O'Neill pavilion in the Colombo shopping mall, Lisbon.

May 2016

Works have started for the Voyeur apartment.

Thibaud arrives at OTTOTTO after having obtained his masters at Strathclyde Univerity, Glasgow.

February 2016

We won the Terry O'Neill pavilion competition! The pavilion will host a photographic exhibition from June to September.

June 2016

4 days after, at Terry O'Neill pavilion opening.

August 2016

Ane arrives at OTTOTTO after getting her masters from the San Sebastian school of Architecture in the Basque Country.

The Voyeur apartment is almost finished.

September 2016

We are giving a presentation at the Movimenta conference about temporary architecture.

We have now started working on a new housing project in Porto.

Dismantling of the Terry O'Neill pavilion.

Television interview for "espaços e casas".

Interview for the newspaper "jornal construir".

October 2016

It is confirmed! We will design a new apartment building in Porto

I travelled to Tokyo and met with friend and fellow collegue from RCR, Shuichiro Yoshida. We visited several works Shuichiro did, like this beautiful public bathrom pavilion and then had dinner in a restaurant designed by Bow Wow architects.

In a cold but sunny day we visited the Toyo Ito Tama Art University Library and them we met Shizuka Ishikawa in their amazing renovated apartment designed by Shuichiro.

Interview for the online constrution magazine, "Diário Imobiliario".

The Serralves pavilion and Parallel Path projects have been published on Divisare.

September 2017